Philip Green
1 min readApr 2, 2024


The War on Gaza

At the moment I’m unable to set down all my thoughts on the Israeli all-out bombing campaign in Gaza. I just want to say this.

Biden Administration Presses Congress on $18 Billion Sale of F-15 Jets to Israel.

Are they out of their fucking minds?

back to my sober thoights

The Israeli claim that it is operating in self defense, backed up by the White House, specifically with reference to the raid that killed seven aid workers, is an absolute fraud. Mass bombing campaigns, whether the campaigns of World War 2 by both sides, culminating at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; or over Cambodia in the Vietnam war–or over Gaza now. No, it is not self-defense, it is retaliation against those who started this latest aggression in a long-standing conflict. As such, despite all disavowals by Israeli and American spokespersons, it is a violation of the international humanitarian law of war. “Defense” entails a commensurate response, not a total war treating millions of civilians as collateral damage. “Commensurate” would imply that Israel was “responding’ to an all-out attack on its civilians, with the existence of its entire population at stake.

No. Israel is treating the population of Gaza without any recognition of their humanity, the very essence of mass destruction. And under the feeble leadership of President Biden the US goes along with this charade.

To show my age: when landing stages had to be built off the coast of Normandy after the D-Day landings in1944. the Seabees did it in a few days, under heavy fire.