Some random notes from here and there:

Philip Green
Nov 27, 2023

(before the truce)

“Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Are Being Killed at Historic Pace

Even a conservative assessment of the reported Gaza casualty figures shows that the rate of death during Israel’s assault has few precedents in this century, experts say.”

I hope that’s the 21st Century they’re referencing.

“The British government’s effort to salvage its contentious policy of deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is drawing attention from the White House, which wants to make sure any revamped legislation does not undermine the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, according to two Biden administration officials.”

As a spokesman for Netanyahu put it earlier today, “separating children from their parents is a sign of depravity. We are dealing with brutal, depraved killers.”

Tell me about it.

Phil Green