A Note on Netflix!

There’s been some confusion about Netflix. The short of it as this (if you’re not familiar with it):

At the end of the Year NF changed its method by making it more expensive. You now have to pay for Streaming and DVDs separately. The cheapest streaming plan has ads. the next two have no ads; the medium price plan has pictures in HD, for $10 a month. (I don’t accept the “.99” baloney.) The $15 has full HD, whatever that is.

As for DVDs, it’s 1, 2, or 3 at a time, for $10, 15, or 20. Assuming you have access to a PO, there’s really no good reason to go beyond 1 — at which point your total monthly if you get both streaming and DVDs, could be $20 per month. — 15 with ads. As a crusty old anti-monopoly New Dealer, I haven’t yet been able to make myself go for the 1 at a tine. But right now we have 3 DVDs as yet unwatched, sitting on our system. That’s really stupid, right?




Emeritus Professor of Gov’t, Smith College, 40 years Editorial Board, The Nation, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Green_(author)

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